World War II (1939/1945)
Cameramen from all over the world risked their life to shoot war events during World War II, from the invasion of Poland by the German troops in September 1939 to the surrender of France in June 1940, from the beginning of war in Italy on 10th June 1940 to the battles in North Africa between 1940 and 1943, from the German attack against Russia to the naval battles in the Mediterranean Sea, from the fall of the Fascist regime in July 1943 and the beginning of the Italian Social Republic, from the partisan warfare in Italy and Europe to the Nazist repression, from the landing of Normandy to the fall of Germany, from Pearl Harbour to the surrender of Japan. Bombings over the major European cities lasted around six years, causing destruction and death everywhere. The German racial policy in Germany and in the occupied territories, the persecution of the Jews, the horror of the lagers, the liberation from concentration camps: civilians were also involved in the dramatical war events, and they had to undergo sufferings and sacrifices and to pay with their own blood. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (whose terrible effects on human beings are documented in a film shot by the American troops) and the Nuremberg trial put a symbolic end to World War II. All these events are collected, selected and kept in our Historical Films Archive.
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