Moro - Historic Archive
The Historical Films Archive Studio Moro consists of original films all portraying events and personalities that have played a very important role in our century, from the news films which show Pope Leo XIII walking in the Vatican gardens in 1896 to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.
Hundreds of hours and kilometers of films (most of which 35 and 16 m/m) both in black and white and in colour are available to scholars, students and professionals, or to those who wish to realize cultural or educational documentaries, information or advertising programmes or to those who want to re-record films on magnetic or digital stands in the desired size.

Studio Moro can follow the whole process from the shooting phase to the final editing for television and home-video films, advertising campaigns, historical and scientific documentaries, documentary and educational programmes, films for congresses, exhibitions and conventions, theme songs and audio-visual media in general.