Political and social events in the Post-War period
The end of World War II meant many problems to be solved, both for winners and losers. In Italy a referendum was held at the end of the war to choose between monarchy and republic; republic was chosen and this put an end to the reign of the House of Savoy with the exile of the last Italian king. During the '50s, Europe began to arise again from its ruins, the cities which had been destroyed were now rebuilt, new industries were set up, new main roads were created: these were the years of the economic boom. With the '60s, the values of the Western world began to be doubted and this brought to the revolts of students and working class in the year 1968, to riots against the police, feminism and the reappraisal of woman within society. In 1977 a meeting was held at Parco Lambro, Milan, which was then called the Italian Woodstock : millions of young people came from all over Italy to attend concerts held by the major groups of the time. While the building of the Berlin Wall was the symbol of the Cold War, its fall marked the end of Communism. All these events are collected, selected and kept in our Historical Films Archive.
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